About Criminal Mental Health Matters

Many criminal charges have a mental health component. The Courts are concerned that when a defendant comes for sentencing that he or she has done all that the can to insure that the psychological issues which led to their criminal problems have been addressed and are being corrected.
Whether the issues are addictions, bi-polar disorder, ADHD, anger management, impulse control problems, compulsive behaviors, or psychoses, the team at WE CARE LEGAL, led by Dr. Jan Grossman, Criminal Attorney / Forensic Psychologist can  prepare the defendant to come before the court, ready to demonstrate that the defendant has done everything possible to begin the mental health rehabilitation process, essential for the compassionate resolution of a criminal matter.
Dr. Grossman and his team have, over the years developed extensive community resources and treatment referral options to deal with any criminal issue presented. When appropriate, the healing powers of family,  extended family a client's community supports are employed for the dual purpose of establishing psychological control of problem behaviors and reassurance to the court that criminal issues are being addressed.

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