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Buddy, Esq

Of Clawyer

As part of our firm’s branching out, we are pleased to announce the addition of Buddy, Esq., our newest “clawyer.” He just passed the Pennsylvania Cage Bar Exam. He works from our Levittown office to comfort our clients and their children who are going through the stress of marital separation and child custody issues. Buddy doesn’t just parrot advice from others. He supports our clients when they are perched on the edge of a Bucks County divorce. Unlike other “clawyers,” Buddy doesn’t wing it.

He’s not flighty. No matter how seedy the marital situation or how nutty your spouse. Buddy will soothe your ruffled feathers. Buddy gives great comfort to our family law clients and their kids, though he does talk too much during interviews and laughs out loud at the strangest moments. Buddy, Esq joins with our other support “pawyers,” Sugar, Esq.” and “Scruffy, Esq.,” to provide loving assistance to our clients, when the stress of family litigation becomes a little overwhelming.

Scruffy, Esq.

PROUDLY EMPLOYING “PAWYERS” SINCE 2000. WE CARE LEGAL SERVICES (1-855-LAW-FAMILY) Available 24/7 for Divorce, Child Custody, Support, Protection From Abuse, and Adoption Assistance.

We Care Legal is the only firm in our area to offer service dogs to comfort our clients during consultations. Five years ago, when our beloved pit bull therapy dog, “Lizzie,” passed, my wife and law partner, Mary Ann, and I, traveled down to the SPCA in Philly to find a rescue pit bull we could train to try to begin to take Lizzie’s place.

At the shelter, there were scores of metal cubicles filled with desperate, eager little beasties, lined up down many seemingly endless, identical rows, their soft noses against the hard wire doors. The Philly shelter does its best to find forever homes, but Mary Ann and I realized that many of the dogs seeking our attention, would, one way or the other, not be around very much longer.

Sugar, Esq.